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In your personal relationships or your business life, there are always other people involved. Everyday, you deal with people, and you entrust a certain aspect of your life to them. With all those people, how do you know whom to associate with and whom to trust?

A background report can give you peace of mind that they are indeed who they claim to be, or in some cases, that they are not. We deliver reliable, complete, and current information, follow legal compliance with all applicable legislation including the Data Protection Act and always strive to offer unparalleled levels of service to our clients.

Certainly a reliable indicator of an individuals likely future behaviour can be an investigation as to how they have conducted themselves in their past.

On a personal level, the reasons for considering a personal or private background check are many, often we are contacted by a concerned family member when someone in the family has started dating someone that they are concerned about. Landlords may wish to vet prospective tenant for a history of trouble or non payment of debts. We are also sometimes contacted by clients concerned that their spouse may be acting unfaithfully, while a background check might not be the most appropriate method to investigate this, a history of infidelity or else lies told to a partner related to their history can be a cause for concern.

Our background checks delve into the individual’s personal identifying data, beginning with their name, address. You can be assured of an accurate and complete investigation of a subject’s history. You can be assured that our background check is one of the most comprehensive in the industry; we can frequently provide details relating to;

  • current address & phone
  • recent address history
  • birth date
  • aliases / maiden names
  • property ownership
  • bankruptcies & county court judgments
  • relatives
  • roommates & neighbours
  • personal assets
  • marriages & divorces
  • Business’s live and failed
  • and many others

As professional Private Investigators we know what information is available and how to provide you with an accurate, detailed background check no matter where your subject resides or how well they thinks their past to be hidden. We also understand that you do not want to the subject to be aware of your concerns and of our investigation and you can be assured of our confidentiality and professionalism.

We also know that it is very important to consider who we are investigating when determining what type of background check you need and what records you expect us to find. It is important to understand that the term background check is a generic one. Each background check is different and the level of depth you want to go into is nearly limitless.

Many sites on the internet offer 'Comprehensive background checks services' at very cheap rates, However these services are often nothing more than databases searches which are normally outdated and quite often inaccurate. As we are Private Detectives we are able to research information ourselves, and then verify it from different sources, so we can be doubly sure that the information we provide will be accurate. We understand that our clients are people with serious concerns who need to be able to trust the information they receive.
Quite simply our background checks are undertaken by professional private investigators, not a search on an unknown and out of date database. Tell us about your main concerns and we will focus on the information that you need to know about most.

Our prices are worked out on a purely individual basis and vary from job to job, we will analyse what you require and what we have to work from and the area and country we will work the case may all affect the amount of hours and time we work on the case.

Please contact us for a personal quote.

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