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People Trace

This form is for a residential or employment trace or a Status Report within the UK or abroad, payable on-line through PayPal with a credit or debit card 24 hours a day or, if you prefer, we can take credit card payments over the telephone during normal office working hours. If you are tracing somone abroad, or require additional information on your subject, please contact us first to negotiate an appropriate fee. Our customer service team is available during normal office hours on 020 8287 7770.

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Residential  Employment

Positive trace price1

Trace Type:*

               Standard trace (15 days)
£65.00 + vat
               Express trace (24/48hrs)
£75.00 + vat
               Superfast trace (8hrs
£85.00 + vat
               Overseas trace (be spoke)
£40.00 + vat
                  Super in depth status report £250.00 + vat


Please tick this box if you have already been in contact with a member of our staff: 

1These prices do not include vat at 20%

Subject Information



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Last Address:* 

Previous Address: 

Type "not known" if you are unaware of last address


Date of

Date of
last contact: 


Last Employer Address: 

Employer Tel:

Last employment details are essential if you are requesting an employment trace


Reasons for




* denotes minimum information required

You will now proceed to the next page where you will be asked to register the trace, and pay �40 + VAT for an overseas trace.

If you are requesting an in-depth Status Report, you will have to pay the rate of �250 + VAT. This will be required before the report is started on.

When and if the trace is positive we will contact you via email or phone requesting the required payment as detailed above before we provide you with the full trace results.

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People Tracing
People Tracing
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